Rising And Falling Market Live commentary

Rising And Falling Market Live commentary
Rising And Falling Market Live commentary



Plot(EMA(vhf,smooth),"Vertical Horizontal Filter",colorBlue,4); 

Title=WriteIf(Vhf>Ref(Vhf,-1)AND Ref(Vhf,-1)>Ref(Vhf,-2),EncodeColor(colorGreen)+" VHF is currently rising.",EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" VHF is Falling."); 

//VHF Commentary

WriteIf(Vhf>Ref(Vhf,-1)AND Ref(Vhf,-1)>Ref(Vhf,-2),"\n VHF has been rising over the last 3 days. A rising VHF may indicate a trend is developing or strengthening"," \n VHF has been falling over the last 3 days. A falling VHF may indicate a Congestion phase is developing OR that the current trend is coming to and end"); 

"\n Developed by Adam White VHF is used to measure the degree of trendiness of a stock. It can be used in 3 ways....";

"\n 1) VHF Levels Above or below a given Level indicate the degree of trend. The higher the reading the stronger the trend.";

"\n 2) Direction of VHF can help to determine whether a trending or congestive phase is developing. A rising VHF means a trend is in place OR developing while a falling VHF may spell an end to that trend";

"\n 3) VHF is Contrarian. Expect congestion to follow an exceptionally High reading. A very Low reading may lead to A new trend." ; 

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