Doji And Double Doji Detector

Doji and double doji detector afl could be the turning point of once life as many people only trade with doji pattern and earn a lot. In order to use this afl, you must have a at least basic knowledge of support or resistance (Either static like pivot point, or dynamic like moving averages). Consider those doji’s only who formed at support or resistance. Doji is one of the most reliable and powerful signal of trend reversal. If traded correctly, it has a power to make you super rich.
Doji And Double Doji Detector
Doji And Double Doji Detector


Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorBlack ), ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() ); 
doji = (O == C);
NearDoji1 = (abs(O-C)<= ((H-L)*0.1));
NearDoji2 =NearDoji1 AND Ref(NearDoji1,-1);
NearDoji3 =NearDoji1 AND Ref(NearDoji1,-1) AND Ref(NearDoji1,-2);
  showDoji = ParamToggle("NearDoji ","SHOW|HIDE",1);
    if( showDoji )
    PlotShapes( shapeDigit0*doji , colorGreen, 0, H, 45 );  
    PlotShapes( shapeDigit1*NearDoji1  , colorBlue, 0, H, 30 );    
    PlotShapes( shapeDigit2*NearDoji2 , colorOrange, 0, H, 30 );    
    PlotShapes( shapeDigit3*NearDoji3, colorBrightGreen, 0, H, 30 );  
Filter = NearDoji2 OR NearDoji3 ;
AddColumn (NearDoji1 ,"1Doji ",1);
AddColumn (NearDoji2 ,"2Doji ",1);
AddColumn (NearDoji3 ,"3Doji ",1);
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