EMI RSI Buy Sell Arrow

EMI RSI Buy Sell Arrow  is one of the most popular Amibroker afl. It is based on RSI with moving average. When RSI line crosses moving average line, it is a strong and reliable buy/sell signal. Jut focus on upward and downward arrows and make your/buy sell decision. It is recommended to use this indicator for additional confirmaiton for both intraday as well as swing traders. This indicator can be used in any timeframe.
EMI RSI Buy Sell Arrow
EMI RSI Buy Sell Arrow

_SECTION_BEGIN("plot ema of rsi");


r = Param("rsi", Optimize("RSI",39,1,39,1),1,39,1);
slow_per = Param( "smaller period",Optimize("smaller period",3,1,39,1),1,39,1);
fast_per = Param( "bigger", Optimize("bigger",27,1,50,1),1,50,1);

f = EMA(RSI(r),slow_per);

Plot (EMA(RSI(r),slow_per),"slow rsi",colorBlue,styleThick);
Plot (EMA(RSI(r),fast_per),"fast rsi",colorRed,styleThick);

bbtop = BBandTop( f, 10, 0.8 );
bbbot = BBandBot( f, 10, 0.8 );
Buy = Cross (f,bbtop);
Short= Cross (bbbot,f);
//Short = Cross (EMA(RSI(r),fast_per),EMA(RSI(r),slow_per));
//Cover =  f > Ref(f,-2);


_SECTION_BEGIN("Bollinger Bands");
Plot( BBandTop( f, 10, 0.8 ), "BBTop" , colorYellow, styleDashed ); 
Plot( BBandBot( f, 10, 0.8 ), "BBBot" , colorYellow, styleDashed ); 

Color_buy = IIf (f > BBtop, colorBlue,IIf(f < BBbot,colorRed,colorYellow));
Plot(6,"icchi",Color_buy,styleOwnScale| styleArea|styleNoLabel,-0.5,100);

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