10 MA Magic Intraday Swing Trading Strategy

Do you want to recover all your losses which you made while learning intraday or swing trading?
If yes, then you are at right place. Just follow this strategy and recover all your losses.


1. 10 days simple moving average
2. 30 days simple moving average
3. 15 minutes candlestick chart
4. CCI indicator (Optional)
5. Volume indicagtor
6. Patience(Most important)

What is 10 MA magic intraday swing trading strategy?

The strategy is based on trend reversal possibilities. We believe that when prices crosses 10 MA from below then trend changes from downtrend to uptrend and vice versa.
But this strategy is not only based on trend reversal but you have to take reference of other indicators as well.
10 MA Magic Intraday Swing Trading Strategy

Where to take buy entry?

As shown in the screenshot, buy entry should be taken only if 10 MA is above 30 MA because 10 MA shows current trend while 30 MA shows middle term trend. We have to wait for retracement in uptrend. In order to take buy entry, price should cross below 10 MA but it should not cross and close below 30 MA. Here the price means candle. When you see the price is going back to its original trend after retracement you should be ready to enter. Let the candle clsoe above 10 MA line. At least 75% of green candle body should be above 10 MA. After closing the candle almost 70% of time it pulls back to exact 10 MA line and that is our entry point so we are not buying above the green candle but we will wait for the pull back and then we will take our entry. 10 MA acts as strong resistance or support so when green candle crosses 10 MA it is less likely to come down and close below 10 MA beause stock will face resistance there. Check volume. Volume of candle which is crossing 10 MA should be higher than its previous candles volume. If CCI is oversold at the time of crossover then probability of winning is more likely. Recommended timframe is minimum 15 minutes.

Where to keep the stoploss?

As said earlier, 10 MA acts as strong support or resistance so if you are buing the stock when it crosses 10 MA then you should exit when stock closes below 10 MA line. Let the candle complete before exiting beause many times it comes down and tetraces back so have a patience.

Where to book profit?

Book the profit as per your need but it should not be less than 1:3 beause you also have to pay brokerage and taxes. Also be patient while booking profit and dont exit your trade when you see small profit. If you really want to  be a profitable by trading, just follow the rules strictly and dont exit your position early.

Conclusion - This is one of the proven strategy and no doubt if followed with rules, nobody will stop you from earning huge money from market. I am repeating agian, strictly follow the RULES specially in intraday trading.
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